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Limit embedded comments to only certain domains

By @bbaovanc
    2022-04-03 21:56:37.272Z

    I just set up a Talkyard server and I'm going to use it for blog comments on my website. In the "Embedded Comments" section of the Admin Area, I have a couple domains added. However, I still seem to be able to show embedded comments when running it on localhost (which isn't listed in the allowed domains), and I can even comment on it, which creates new threads on the forum that link to localhost. Is this working as intended?

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. The address to a blog / website, must be listed in the Allow embedding from setting here: /-/admin/settings/embedded-comments, for the blog / website to be allowed to embed the comments.

      However, there's an exception for localhost: it's always allowed, so one can test, locally.

      Is this working as intended?

      Yes, and, hmm, maybe it'd be better if localhost was not automatically allowed, and instead, the Allow embedding from setting included sth like *.localhost:* by default. Because then it'd be more clear, how it works. And one could remove it, if one wanted to. (What do you think)

      1. B@bbaovanc
          2022-04-14 23:54:57.714Z

          I agree that localhost should be shown in the settings rather than being hardcoded and hidden. As for whether it should be added by default, I would say no, although if it were, anyone seeing it could easily see it and decide to remove it. Otherwise, if it's disabled by default, then it's still easy to just add localhost manually if you need to test.

          1. Ok, thanks for your thoughts. Now I have in mind to make localhost visible and no longer hardcoded.

            And to still include it by default — it so happens, that people often start by trying out things on localhost, and when that seems to not work, they think Ty is broken and/or ask for help. (Then it's easily fixed, still, they were confused for a while.)

            Making it visible & removable, seems to solve both these things :- )