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Rate limiting on search endpoint

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
    2022-04-07 21:04:07.115Z

    Hi @KajMagnus,

    We have integrated search in our app that searches the forum, but some users are hitting rate limits. What's the rate limits right now? Perhaps we need to alter our code to ensure this doesn't happen, or maybe the limits are too tight. You (or someone else) have searched too much, the last moments. Please try again after fifteen seconds. [DwE35BG8]
    If you feel this message is in error, you can email us and tell us what you attempted to do, and include the error message shown above. Then we can try to change the security settings so that they will work for you.
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    1. I'll raise the limits -- I think I'll need to build a new server and make them more dynamic.

      (I'll look into the backup problem first? More RAM a bit later today or tomorrow morning, should be a quick fix)

      (Sorry for the troubles)

      1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
          2022-04-18 17:20:15.445Z

          Thanks! When you reverted the dynamic limits that caused the other bug, did we then also get raised limits on the search api?
          Can I configure those for our site to set them higher now that we're self hosted?

          1. Yes, rate limits are raised, and that should have been included in the settings table we copied.

            I added some docs: How to login as SuperAdmin — it's the Rd multiplier (for read limits) you'd like to change. I think it's high enough already though (3 times the defaults). The Cr multiplier changes how many categories there can be. The default is 5 000, and SF's multiplier is 5, meaning, the forum can have 25 000 categories.

            Actually the default, 5 000, is a bit much, and some time, for new sites, I'll change it to 50 or 100 (but not your site).