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"Votes" column doesn't show on "All categories"

By @bbaovanc
    2022-04-10 05:35:30.071Z

    On my forum, all of the categories have votes enabled, but on "All categories", there's no votes column. I feel like people are unlikely to choose a specific category since I have so few, but that pretty much means that they'll never see the amount of votes on a topic without clicking on it.

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    1. I don't know how to go about this :- ) Mabye there should be a setting that makes All Categories sort topics by votes?

      Some thoughts: 1) Some categories are best sorted by votes by default, e.g. ideas — for seeing the most popular maybe-upcoming features. 2) I'm thinking that other categories can make more sense if they're sorted by newest first? E.g. a Problems category — maybe it's usually more interesting to learn "are there any more problems recently?" than to see "what are the most popular problems and bugs" (the latter sounds weird to me, hmm).

      But then, 3) what sort order should the All Categories "category" use? Should topics be sorted by votes, or recent first? Right now it just happens to be recent-first.

      What do you think

      1. B@bbaovanc
          2022-04-13 17:13:58.858Z

          I think there should be an option in the admin area to make All Categories show a votes column (or if not a column, some other indicator that can show the amount of likes), and another option to change the default sorting for All Categories so people can pick what's best for their own site. I do think the current default sorting orders make sense. With a problems category it probably makes the most sense to sort by popularity because then whatever problem is most important (most liked) goes to the top.

          Although would also probably be best to add an option in the "Edit category" menu to choose the default sorting order per category.

          1. Good points. Hmm I think there could be an "Edit All Categories" button, below the "All Categories" text (just like there is, for individual categories).

            It'd open a dialog where one can configure default settings for all categories. I'm guessing that's more discoverable, than going to the Admin Area.

            And the all-categories settings would include [ ] Show votes and Sort order: ____ (and Default topic type: ___ and some more things).

            With a problems category it probably makes the most sense to sort by popularity because then whatever problem is most important (most liked) goes to the top

            Yes, and, like @Mr.Nobody wrote over at a crypto community, this also makes it easy for people to see if there are any major problems that the "community core members" are ignoring.

          2. In reply toKajMagnus:
              2022-05-06 00:41:24.215Z

              @KajMagnus maybe you misunderstood the post. It is not about the sort order.

              What he means is that in teh view below (screenshot), the "votes" are not shown. He is not asking to change the sort order, just to add the "hearts" column to display number of likes.

              He wants to see this:

              1. Ok :- )   Yes I think I realized that, (that this was about adding the hearts column) — and that I then started wondering if it still made sense to show that column, without also sorting by votes. But I guess it does.

                (Sorry this has taken a while. I'd like to fix this, and add All Categories settings, and fix a sort order minor bug, all in once, some time the upcoming weeks. — I often get more things done, if I wait and do a few related things all at once, rather than one at a time.)

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            • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2022-04-22 14:06:48.652Z.