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How to login as SuperAdmin

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-04-19 06:09:18.887Z2022-04-22 07:04:21.067Z

If you have installed Talkyard on-premise, you can log in as superadmin, which is good to be able to do, because a few settings are editable by superadmins only.

To log in as superadmin:

Edit /opt/talkyard/conf/play-framework.conf; add these config value: (self-hosted sites have id 1)


Then resart the app server:

cd /opt/talkyard
docker-composer restart app

Thereafter, go here: https:// your on-premise talkyard site /-/superadmin/

and, as of April 2022, you'll see a feature flags field, and two disk size fields, and three rate limit fields — because now you're superadmin (assuming your admin user email is,

The superadmin interface is not that good looking (since barely anyone uses it).

But what are the different fields?:

  • db is the database disk limit, in MiB (for everything except for uploads. Incl pages and comments)
  • fs is the file system disk limit, in MiB (for uploaded files, e.g. images)
  • Rd is the read limits multiplier: for this site, the default read rate limits, are multiplied by this number. Read limits are currently only the search engine I think.
  • Lg is a log limits multiplier (log messages are rate limited as well, although not that implemented).
  • Cr is create-things limit, e.g. new pages and comments, and the max number of categories is = the default limit, times this number.

The one line text field in the Status column, is for feature flags, e.g.: ffFlagOne ffSomeOther — for that site. There's also, in the play-framework.conf file, a talkyard.featureFlags="..." for the whole server (all sites).

The textarea in the Address, Admins, etc column is just for saving notes about the site — it doesn't have any effects.

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    Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
      2022-04-21 22:33:07.380Z

      Thanks for the documentation! I think it needs one my line in play-framework.conf though with the siteId set to "1" - at least I'm getting this error:

      No superadmin site id configured [EsE17KFE2]
      1. Oh, yes, you're right, one also needs: talkyard.superAdmin.siteId="1". (Self hosted sites always have id 1.) I'll update the docs above.