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Can not move post to another thread

By @diego_tinypilot
    2022-06-13 20:06:10.398Z

    Hi. I am unable to move a post from one thread to another. It gives error. Any help is appreciated.

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    1. That's a bug. I think currently you cannot move the comment. (Until the bug has gotten fixed.)

      Details: There's an assertion that verifies that all comments (posts) on each page, are more recent than the page itself (because the page gets created before people can start posting comments).

      However, this comment, from another page, is older than the page you'd like to move it to. And then the assertion fails and that error message appears:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: requirement failed:
         [TyE7WKG2AG4] page id: '322', ext id: 'None'
      1. In reply todiego_tinypilot:

        (This is fixed in the upcoming version, available some time next week most likely.)

        1. In reply todiego_tinypilot:

          Hi Diego, Would you like to try again? — This should now have been fixed. (The problem was a few buggy (too strict) runtime assertions.)

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            with handling this problem
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