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Docker install just gives me a 404

By @ralyodio
    2022-07-13 11:53:52.622Z

    TyE404HOSTNAME its not the nginx 404 its something under the hood doing this.

    I'm proxying global nginx to port 8037 which is what talkyard should be listening on.

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    1. R
        2022-07-13 11:55:11.512Z2022-07-18 00:25:10.170Z

        If i curl localhost;3037 i see assets referring to localhost. wtf is this crap?


        1. In reply toralyodio:

          If you set talkyard.hostname="the-intended-hostname", then you can access Talkyard via http://the-intended-hostname, and there won't be any TyE404HOSTNAME error.

          I'm proxying global nginx to port 8037

          You have 1) your own Nginx listening on 8037? If so, does it run on the same VPS/server as Talkyard, and functions as a reverse proxy?

          Or 2) your Nginx is on another server?

          Or 3) did you mean that you've configured Talkyard's own Nginx server to listen on 8037? And you have some other reverse proxy in front of Talkyard? (Is that reverse proxy on the same server?)

          (Or 4) something else?)