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Closing comments on a blog post

By Michael Lynch @michael
    2022-08-03 21:28:32.574Z

    I'm using TY on my blog for comments. I wrote a post that attracted a lot of comments, but at this point, the discussion is kind of just noise with people repeating the same perspectives over and over.

    I closed the topic thinking that would prevent new comments, but closing seems to have no effect. I see this message:

    If I open the page in an incognito window, I can still post comments to the closed thread.

    Is there a way to just close a topic when I'm done processing comments?

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    1. Not yet implemented — I'll fix

      1. In reply tomichael:

        Not yet implemented — I'll try to fix soon

        Here's the plan:

        • Closed = discussion ended / question answered / idea implemented. But one can still reply, if one really wants.
        • Locked = cannot post more comments. But can edit one's old comments, e.g. fix out-of-date links. Moderators then get notified, so they can see if anyone does anything suspicious.
        • Frozen = cannot even edit one's own comments.

        Currently only Closed has been implemened. (Sorry for the late reply)

        1. Progress
          with handling this problem
        2. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2022-08-10 15:52:01.662Z.