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How to use a Custom HTTPS Cert

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-08-23 08:24:11.180Z

If you want to use your own HTTPS cert, instead of an auto generated LetsEncrypt cert, you can do this:

  1. Save your HTTPS cert files in /opt/talkyard/conf/sites-enabled-manual/your-cert.d/ on your Talkyard server.

  2. Open this file in an editor: /opt/talkyard/conf/sites-enabled-manual/talkyard-servers.conf (still on the Talkyard server).

  3. On the ssl_certificate lines, specify the cert you want to use:

server {
  ssl_certificate      /etc/nginx/sites-enabled-manual/your-cert.d/fullchain.pem;
  ssl_certificate_key  /etc/nginx/sites-enabled-manual/your-cert.d/privkey.pem;

(Note that the file paths on the ssl_certificate lines, start with /etc/nginx/... — that's because this is inside a Docker container, which has mounted the files at that location (instead of at /opt/talkyard/conf/... which is on the host, outside Docker).

The above should work (is how Talkyard is configured on some production servers) — but I just wrote the instructions; there might be some mistake. Let me know if it works for you?

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