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Mini roadmap, fall 2022

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-08-25 12:06:59.562Z2022-12-02 09:02:06.689Z

Here's what's next, August, Sept, Oct 2022:

End of August:

1. Something. — done.

Beginning of September:

2. May-not-@mention-me feature (so, in forums with many members, mods & admins who want, can stop ordinary members from mentioning them). — done.

3. Threading for email notifications — done.

End of September:

4. Something else. — Hmm what was that?


5. Merge things that have been implemented already: Comments sort order. Anonymous questions and ideas. (But I haven't had time to code review and merge.) — About to do now "soon" ... It's December already! Closing this topic aynway.

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  1. Michael Lynch @michael
      2022-10-04 20:50:36.392Z

      Any update on this item?

      1. Threading for email notifications

      It looks like the schedule slipped a bit, so I was wondering if you had an updated ETA on that feature, as I'm quite eager to see it go live.

      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-10-07 06:47:52.279Z2022-10-07 07:04:07.654Z

        It's been implemented, but not code reviewed. And yes it took longer — I also added two bugs which took a while to remove (and some other things). I'd think this'll be available on next weekend (8-9 days).

        1. Michael Lynch @michael
            2022-10-10 19:23:28.862Z

            Cool, thanks for the update! I'm excited for the rollout.

            1. Sorry, + some more days. A laptop mostly stopped working, and I've gotten a new one and been reinstalling things on that new laptop ...

              1. Michael Lynch @michael
                  2022-10-31 19:53:41.234Z

                  Any updates here? I'm very eager to see this go live, as we've been getting a higher volume of forum posts lately, and it's been pretty difficult to keep track of threads with the current notification system.

                  1. I think Tuesday next week. The last weeks I've thought about the database structure*, had a flu for a week and packed bags and traveled to another country for a while.

                    I'll post an update in 3 days, sorry for the delay and silence.

                    * Turns out that I'll remove a table, to add new features, and reuse another table for Assigned-To, votes, flags, Authored-By, who-may-see-a-private-comments-sub-thread — a little bit graph database style but in Postgres.

                    1. Michael Lynch @michael
                        2022-11-01 16:53:30.473Z

                        Sorry to hear about the illness! Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the update!

                        Great news about the planned ship date next week!

                        1. Thursday or Friday it seems. I'm code reviewing the database migration now   (there'll be 2 upgrades: one database migration tomorrow or on Wednesday, and then a software upgrade on Thursday or Friday. Sorry for the a bit longer delay).

                          1. ( @michael I'm finally about to build a new server, for the db migration. Been changing & rethinking future things throughout the week. Anyway, thereafter, one with the actual code changes.
                            Prod should have been updated in 3 – 4 days ... that's more like Tuesday next week :- ( )

                            1. Michael Lynch @michael
                                2022-11-11 15:41:33.795Z

                                Thanks for the update!

                                It's been pretty tough to manage our volume of notifications for the past few weeks, so we're very eager for threading to hit prod.

                                1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-11-15 12:51:00.323Z2022-11-15 13:17:52.447Z

                                  Ok (95% done with the code review, looks ok.)

                                  1. Michael Lynch @michael
                                      2022-11-15 13:58:46.442Z

                                      Thanks for the update! Are we still on track for deployment today?

                                      1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-11-16 22:17:14.769Z2022-12-02 09:03:36.017Z

                                        It didn't work. But now done with code review, building the threaded-emails version tomorrow (the previous build was a database migration) and upgrading Ty .io, and then I'll post some test comments and we'll see what happens

                                        What email client do you use b.t.w. if I can ask?

                                        Edit: Threaded emails have now been implemented. See the continued discussion Threading for email notifications instead. /Edit.

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