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How to Download and Restore a JSON backup

You can export a Talkyard SaaS hosted site, as JSON, as follows:

1. First enable Experimental features, in the Admin Area, here: https://your talkyard site/-/admin/settings/features — tick Experimental [ ] (it's not that experimental any longer, but whatever).

2. Now a Backup tab appears — go there and click Download backup and download a backup.

3. Install Talkyard on your own server, log in as admin, and go to https://your talkyard site/-/admin/backup on your self-hosted server, and click Restore backup.

4. Wait a little while, thereafter, your self-hosted will have gotten overwritten with the one in the backup. Reload the page, and log in again (as a user in the original site)

(I'll just double check that this is how it actually works, was a while ago last time)

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