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Feature request: Granular permissions for viewing user email addresses

By Michael Lynch @michael
    2022-10-10 19:37:33.769Z

    One issue that comes up frequently with my company is that a user will generate a private support ticket through our email support, and then they'll post a similar request to our TalkYard support forum. This creates confusion because it often forces our support team to do duplicate work if nobody identifies that the requests are duplicates.

    One way we defend against this is by checking the email address of the user on TalkYard and comparing it with the email address associated with the private support ticket.

    The problem is that currently TalkYard only grants "View email address" privilege to the admin user. That forces us to overpermission our moderators because they'd normally just need moderator permissions, but now all of our moderators have to have full admin permissions.

    It would be great if it was configurable to give "View email" rights to moderators or give this privilege individually to certain users.

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    1. Good idea. I just recently started preparing for granular permissions for a bunch of things, e.g. one's bio, full name, profile image (I think people sometimes want any higher resolution images of themselves to be more private) — but for some reason I forgot the email address. ... Adding the email addr too, to the next database migration.

      You'll be able to configure a trust level, e.g. Core Members, who'll be able to see other people's email addresses. In the distant future, this'll be "totally flexible" — you'll be able to grant groups of people permissions, on other groups of people. E.g. you could grant members of a Support Team group permission to see everyone's email addresses.

      Hmm, there are different types of email addresses: one for login, possibly another for notifications, and possibly another contact-me semi public email address (e.g. visible to all Full Members). I suppose that for now, one setting that lets Core Members see all one's email addresses, is enough.

      1. In reply tomichael:

        Started with this, seems will be included in the same new version as the assign-to-someone feature.

        1. Done incl code review, but minus end-to-end tests. Will add some tests, & then upgrade the server.

        2. In reply tomichael:

          Fixed & now available (in the hosted SaaS, and in the OSS release channel in a few days).

          Go here: https:// forum addr /-/groups/moderators/permissions and you'll see a new checkbox. But it's there only for moderators and Core Members. Other trust levels cannot be grated this see-others-email-addresses permission.

          1. In reply tomichael:

            a user will generate a private support ticket through our email support

            Can I ask what software do you use for that? — I'm currently using Google Workplace and find it annoying. I and someone else were trying to cooperate with sending emails and we wanted a collaborative "out-box" (and inbox), and we sort of got it working, by combining with Google Groups and sending from the group's address. But we need to, whenever sending an email, remember to manually change the From address to the group's address (say, support@ ty .io) which, being humans, we are bound to forget pretty often.

            (I've actually thought about ... ___)

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