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Feature request: Give admins more control over uploads

By Michael Lynch @michael
    2022-10-19 13:52:00.782Z

    It seems like the attachment limit is 1MB. This is a bit small, as there are some screenshots that exceed 1 MB, which prevents users from uploading. It would be nice to bump up the default to 3-5 MB or make it admin-configurable

    Relatedly - TalkYard also blocks videos, but it will embed them nicely if they're uploaded to a different host. I'd like for my TalkYard instance to accept videos directly, as they can be helpful, and modern video encoding keeps them pretty small in file size. I'm happy for them to follow the same attachment file limit as images. If a user is allowed to upload an 800 KB image, why not an 800 KB video?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. If you go here: https:// your forum /-/groups/all_members/permissions then it's possible to configure upload limits, and allowed file types (e.g. .mp4), for that group, the All Members group. — Videos, hmm yes maybe videos ought to be allowed, by default.

      B.t.w. any thoughts about how to make these settings more discoverable? (Clicking one's username menu, navigating to Groups, then clicking the All Members group, and then clicking Permissions, is a bit many steps. But o.t.o.h. where could any ... direct link? be placed)

      1. Michael Lynch @michael
          2022-10-20 10:42:48.045Z

          Oh, great!

          In terms of discoverability, I was looking for the setting in Admin > Site. I think of it as a site-wide property and not a group privilege. Maybe there could be a site-wide upload setting under Admin or Admin > Site, and then a note that you can override it on a per-group setting?

          1. I was looking for the setting in Admin > Site [...] a note that you can override it on a per-group setting?

            Aha of course. Yes, hmm, ... I think I'll add a new settings tab, entitled "Limits & Permissions" maybe, and from there link to the All Members settings, and to other relevant settings pages (I suppose there'll be more).

            site-wide upload setting

            That would be the same as editing the Everyone group permissions — /-/groups/everyone/permissions, probably better to let that be the only way to edit this (to avoid writing more code). I could add a link to that group settings as well.