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Delayed notification emails

By Michael Lynch @michael
    2023-03-14 15:24:18.616Z

    It looks like I hadn't been getting emails from TalkYard for a week, and then they suddenly all appeared at once. I saw this on two of my TalkYard instances.

    Known issue?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Should work again now. The problem was 1) a database constraint that prevented one particular email from getting sent, and that the app server didn't "know" about. And 2) the server got stuck trying to send that email again and again (but it'd be better if the server marked that email as failed, and proceeded with other emails (it does for some types of errors, but I forgot this type of errors)).

      So yes there was a problem, and it started happening last Saturday-Sunday night (UTC time) 4-5 days ago.

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      1. Michael Lynch @michael
          2023-03-16 11:42:00.462Z

          Thanks! Glad to hear you were able to identify the causes quickly.