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"Post hidden; click to show" message

By Mary Ferreira @mef0805
    2023-05-04 16:24:04.874Z

    Hi, I created a post, but when I view it, others and I see "Post hidden; click to show" This hasn't happened to me in previous posts. Any idea what causes this and what fixes it? When I click the message, the post does show up after that, but I don't want it to be the default behavior and make users do this. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Mary, can I ask, what's the address to that Talkyard site? — If it's hosted by us, then there's a database field hidden_reason: ... I could look at, and find out what's happened.

      What I suspect is happening, is that the spam checker incorrectly thinks the post looks suspicious. You don't happen to have a link to the post? Then I could have a look and maybe figure out what the spam checker might have reacted to. (But maybe it's a private site?)

      (Probably there should be a simple way for moderators to find out why a post is hidden (e.g. making hidden_reason visible to moderators), so one won't need to go here and ask.)

      1. (B.t.w. if you want to send a private message, you can click my name and then Send Message.)

        1. MMary Ferreira @mef0805
            2023-05-05 12:01:34.196Z

            Thank you @KajMagnus . I sent you a PM. Appreciate you looking into it!