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Latest activity date is confusing, if editing a page's Original Post

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2023-06-13 06:39:21.819Z

If editing an Original Post (OP) on a page, that page's latest activity date gets bumped. Then, people go there, and look for a recent comment, with that date. But there is none (instead, it was just the OP that got edited), and they get confused.

Ideas about how to solve this: A) Highlight the OP and its edits history button, if someone navigates to the page to view the latest activity. B) Show an edit icon, or a comment icon, in the forum topic list activity column, to indicate if the latest activity was an edit of the OP, or a new comment. C) maybe even show two dates in the Activity column: a comment icon & date to indicate the most recent comment, and an edit icon and date to indicate the most recent OP edit. But this might look cluttered. D) Don't bump the activity date, if the OP gets edited, unless maybe the editor explicitly chooses to bump the date (maybe major edits) — possibly notify moderators, though.

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