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Hide Online status in users list or disable the feature?

By @Mr.Nobody
    2023-10-27 17:47:22.145Z

    is there a way to hide a users online status in the list? or maybe a way to disable that feature completely?

    I often have the forum open even though I'm busy doing other things, and people feel like I'm ignoring them on purpose since "look, he is online!"

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    1. That's a good idea, I think it's needed, for other reasons too (e.g. privacy). — There isn't, right now, but this CSS seems to work (tested in Dev Tools) as a temporary workaround:

      .esCtxbar_list:has(.esPresence)::before {
          content: "This users list is disabled for now";
      .esCtxbar_list:has(.esPresence) > div {
          display: none;

      That is, removes the list, and adds a message — there doesn't seem to be a good way to hide the "Users" right sidebar tab button.

      Edit: I changed this topic to an Idea, and Planning-to-do.

      1. In reply toMr.Nobody:

        Implementation wise, there could be another checkbox on one's privacy preferences page, here:

        https://forum address/-/users/  my_username  /preferences/privacy

        Maybe with a checkbox title like [ ] Don't show if I'm currently online or not
        or maybe [ ] Hide my online presence but I wonder if that's harder to understand, hmm

        1. @Mr.Nobody
            2023-11-04 01:18:12.675Z

            I think that for most forums a global setting would be more than enough: let the admin decide if they want to use the chat feature or not.

            For us, for example, we use discord for chat stuff. having it in the forum as well is a bit redundant, so I'd prefer to disable it globally if possible.

            1. Aha, ok. There is a disable-the-chat-globally checkbox, here:
              https://forum addr/-/admin/settings/features — but it currently doesn't disable the online / offline indicators. Sounds as if there could be a checkbox for that too (I imagine that sometimes one want to disable just one, not the other).

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            with doing this idea
          • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2023-10-29 20:01:36.580Z.