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SSL Issue: Custom Domain not redirecting to https after CNAME

By LogicGlide @logicglide
    2024-01-15 14:20:38.841Z


    I created a custom domain for talkyard (, but there is not TLS certificate generated for it (the active certificate is *

    What needed to be done to have a proper certificate?


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    1. Now it works, I just generated a cert: It's supposed to happen automatically but doesn't (maybe will start working soon with a newer version of a certain Lua Nginx plugin)

      1. LLogicGlide @logicglide
          2024-01-18 09:57:29.982Z

          Thanks KajMagnus, everything works fine now! BUT another pretty quick question, just wondering how would all my forum topics now show up on Search Engine? Is anything required from my end whatsoever?

          1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2024-01-18 15:49:30.678Z2024-01-18 15:56:44.251Z

            Shouldn't be anything special to do, except for "ordinary" things like linking to the forum from your main domain. — I've read that it can take a while for new domains to appear higher up in Google's search results lists (don't know if this applies to subdomains like forum? your main domain is a bit more than a year, right).

            If you use Google Analytics, you can add your GA4 id here: (admins only) and have a look in Google Search Console?