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SSL Issue: Custom Domain not redirecting to https after CNAME

By LogicGlide @logicglide
    2024-01-15 14:20:38.841Z2024-04-27 16:49:36.060Z


    What needed to be done to have a proper certificate?


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    1. Now it works, I just generated a cert: It's supposed to happen automatically but doesn't (maybe will start working soon with a newer version of a certain Lua Nginx plugin)

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        1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2024-01-18 15:49:30.678Z2024-01-18 15:56:44.251Z

          Shouldn't be anything special to do, except for "ordinary" things like linking to the forum from your main domain. — I've read that it can take a while for new domains to appear higher up in Google's search results lists (don't know if this applies to subdomains like forum? your main domain is a bit more than a year, right).

          If you use Google Analytics, you can add your GA4 id here: (admins only) and have a look in Google Search Console?

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      3. L@logicglide closed this topic 2024-04-27 16:49:08.540Z.