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Browser tap on fixing name of site

By Francis Johannes @francisjohannes
    2024-07-06 12:04:34.632Z

    Hi there,
    I'm trying to find where did I edit the forum's name on the browser's tap:

    It only shows a line of code where I was attempting to display a .png file. Can anyone route me?

    Thank you.

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    1. Hello, Is that an image <img src=.... link to the forum's favicon? You can edit the favicon image src=... here: https:// the forum /-/admin/customize/basic

      The forum's name in the browser tab — that's automatically the same as the title of the discussion topic shown in that tab. Or, if it's the forum homepage, then it's the title of the forum itself. For example, here: The Talkyard Community (the forum homepage here), the title is "The Talkyard Community", same as shown at the top of that forum homepage.

      What would you want the tab title (or favicon?) to be instead? Can you describe a bit more what's going on :- )

      1. FFrancis Johannes @francisjohannes
          2024-07-09 14:33:43.430Z

          Hi there, thanks for the response.

          The main title, for tab purposes, should be: BravoAirspace Support Forum vs <img src= ... this is what I wanted to update.
          The favicon is fine for us.