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Displaying, sorting, filtering by tags in the topic lists

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
    2018-06-16 12:29:32.495Z

    Would it or is it possible to implement filtering by tag, assignee, milestone etc. in the topic list?
    Also it would be great to be able to set a default view, for instance by default show only the Waiting items in a Problem category.

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    1. Tags & assignments & filtering: I'd like to implement that. I've looked at GitHub and how it's possible to filter issues by all kind of things, and I'd like to support (some of) that ... starting with the basics first, like tags.

      Assigning people to topics = not yet implemented. I think it'd be nice to be able to do that — personally I'd like to keep track of bugs & things to do with this software here in this forum, rather than in GitHub (... partly to avoid lock-in, and also so everything is in one place).

      With milestones, you have in mind milestones the way GitHub does it? And maybe viewing milestones in this way?:


      Hmm, a default view per category, & showing Waiting for Problem — that's an interesting idea. Some things come to mind:

      • Maybe the default view, should then vary, for different groups of users. E.g. people in the organization, might want to see Waiting only. However, people outside the organization, might want to see all topics by default — maybe their problem has been solved already and the solution would otherwise be hidden.

      • Another way to accomplish this, might be to remember settings per person. E.g. the last time Jane Doe visited the Problems category, she wanted to see Waiting topics — so show Waiting topics again, when she returns.

      • I'm wondering if people will sometimes get confused, if they go from one category to another, and Show All Topics automatically changes to Waiting Only, and they don't realize this, and wonder: why nothing here?

      1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
          2018-06-18 16:07:39.235Z

          Thank you for the quick reply!

          I think showing tags in the list and filtering based on that is a higher priority than assigning people (which is basically project management). If you wanna go the project management route, being able to sort items in some sub forums would be great. I just created a private work items category in our forum for this use. It works for now, and I can just do the sorting of tasks in a text document. But it works great having Ideas, Bug reports and everything in one place, and then having private work items that users don't have to see. Started the forum a couple of days ago and has already become an invaluable tool. So thumbs up for creating some very very easy to use software.

          Probably my priority for these things would be:

          1. Tags showing + filtering (plus coloring)
          2. Milestones or priorities (could be done with tags as well)
          3. Default views, or view remembering.
          4. Sorting of tasks in a project management like style - I actually think #2 would fix that.
          5. People assignment - not at all important to me, but might be to others, and it might help if the implementation would be very similar to tags, milestones and priorities - ie. all sharing the same abstract code maybe.

          Ad #3 default views:
          When using talkyard as the basis for our bug tracker, it very quickly becomes full of old irrellevant content. In the Bugs/Issues category it doesn't make sense to show closed bugs per default. In the Ideas category, it makes sense to both view implemented ideas and ideas in progress. In our work items we don't care about the already implemented ones. In our How to section we would like to both view open and closed items. In Github only open issues are displayed per default.
          So for us it would make sense to have a default per category.
          I do like the setting per user idea as well.

          Maybe it would also make sense to make the viewing of open/closed items a click closer, so it wasn't a drop down but discrete buttons - or maybe if we can customize this, that would work as well.