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Talkyard Roadmap 2018-06-24

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-06-24 13:46:37.597Z2018-11-26 08:19:23.882Z

Here's what's next for Talkyard — the items are not ordered, except for "soon" and "later". Feedback & change suggestions are welcome; add a comment below.

Edit: This roadmap is old. There's a new roadmap here, from 2018-11-26.

Now soon

  • Theming. User friendly way to edit colors and make one's Talkyard site look like a part of one's website. 2 weeks?

  • Re-implement tags: change to ids, so can be renamed. 4 days?

  • Subscribe to categories (and tags?). Then, can listen to conversations / questions related to to one's own team only, if each team = 1 category. 4 days?

  • Fix bugs people might report or that I have found, & reduce tech debt, 1 – 3 weeks.


  • Rich text WYSIWYG editor. Non-tech people think Markdown+preview is confusing. Use ProseMirror — it can switch between Markdown+preview and rich-text-WYSIWYG. 2 weeks? 2-3 months? (wall clock time, not coding time) The WYSIWYG probably be made available step by step: first a simple version that doesn't support @mentions, for example.

  • Export site to JSON + uploaded images etc (so can migrate to one's own server). 2 weeks? Related, if someone else has time: Import Disqus comments? import WordPress comments? (for people who use Talkyard for blog comments)

  • Sort by tags in topic list. 1 week?

  • Sub categories.

  • SSO for embedded comments: 2 weeks? Maybe the hardest thing is finding someone who can review the solution from a security p.o.v.

  • SSO for forum: 2 weeks? Not sure how to do this. Look at how Discourse does it? But they incl base-64 personal data in urls, would like to avoid.

  • Custom groups & per group moderators. 2 weeks?

  • RSS (Atom) feeds

  • Fix information overload problem: When a site owner logs in to his/her new site, the first time, there're too many things to look at, they don't know where to start.

  • Make Problem type topics flat (not threaded) — that's better for step by step problem solving. Or a "Progress" comments sorted-by-time section that can be enabled in all topics? shown after the best-first replies to the orig post? Maybe shown by default, in Problem type topics.

Even later

  • Trust levels: Make the Trusted, Regular and Core Member trust levels work. Make the Unwanted vote have effect (those who post [comments that the staff and core members consider Unwanted] won't become Trusted members).

  • Add NSFW image filter, use Google's Vision API? Integrate with Perspective API to detect toxic comments?

  • Optionally upvote topics directly in topic list, for those who want Reddit like communities.

  • Optionally show text input box directly, more encouraging than having to click Reply.

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  1. D
    Thomas @d4kmor
      2018-07-08 10:04:08.651Z

      hey, just saw this.

      "Re-implement tags" seem interesting as currently there are no tags at all right?

      1. There are tags, if you're admin (not yet for non-staff users though) — click the menu button next to Reply, and then you can tag both topics and comments. Later on, one will be able to subscribe to categories, and tags.

        Example, subscribing to tags & categories: If you install on-premise, you might want to subscribe to the security tag, here in this support forum, so you get notified, if there's topics & discussions about security issues. And maybe a security-alert tag. Or maybe there are experts in your organization, who want to listen to tags (over at your own forum, not here) that they can answer questions about,and help out with. — Or maybe a team wants their own category. Let's say, the Growth Hacking team. Then others in the organization, can contact that team, by posting to their category, and they'll be notified (assuming the growth hackers / marketing people have subscribed to the Growth Hacking category).

        1. MFlorian Engel @moreonion
            2020-05-27 09:38:16.589Z


            I found this thread and noticed that we don't have the abiltiy to add / remove tags
            Here is a screengrab. Has this feature changed?

            When and how are you planning to introduce tags?
            We would need them for:

            1. Categorisation of questions
            2. Listing of questions
            3. Search filtering & subscription filtering


            1. Hi Florian, yes I changed this a while ago: I disabled tags for new sites (they're available only on some old sites).

              Actually, now when you ask this, there are in total enough people how have asked about tags,
              so I now have in mind to re-implement tags now soon.

              Meaning, I'll probably start with this not the next week, but the week after.
              I think it'll take 1 week wall clock time to implement, and 1 week to add tests.
              So, fairly likely, tags will appear in the middle of June 2020.

              Actually I spent most of yesterday reading and thinking about tags — I'll post a new topic about that tomorrow (and @mention you).

              1. Hi again @moreonion — seems the tags feature is getting about 1 week delayed, sorry

        2. Progress
        3. @KajMagnus closed this topic 2018-11-26 08:18:04.775Z.