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No. of users and no.of domains for hosted services

By Adam Bernstein @atbiplawyer
    2018-07-10 15:07:27.611Z

    Sorry if these are simple questions to which I should know the answer. For a business user purchasing your hosting services, are there any restrictions on: (1) whether all users need to be from the same domain (that is, could some users be "" and others be from ""?); and (2) is there any limit on the number of individual users, or are the limitations solely: (i) storage; (ii) page views; and (iii) messages?

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    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-07-11 08:32:53.185Z2018-07-11 08:39:44.802Z

      About all users being from the same domain — looking at the examples, you mean have email addresses on the same domain, right. There're no such requirements. People can be in the same organization, different organizations, or individuals, all is fine.

      Anyway, those are good questions. In fact I recently found (thanks William S. for suggesting that I read it, if you happen to see this post) and after having read it, I realized there should be one more for-business pricing plan.

      I'm going to rename the current Business plan to "Small business / startup", and add a 5 staff users limit (staff = admins + moderators). Maybe make some changes to GB & page-views pricing. And I'll add a new "medium sized business" plan, with 15 staff users. (And, as always, free & open source for on-premise installation.)

      You can have as many non-staff members as you want — so if you have say 3 staff users, and use Talkyard internally with 30 employees, or if you also expose it to, say, 300 customers / people outside the organization — it's all the same. Actually a goal & vision with the software, is that many people meet & talk and come up with good ideas together, so ... more people using it = yes.

      1. In reply toatbiplawyer:

        Now I updated the pricing page. If you have any thoughts about this, it'd be interesting to hear?

        (The changes won't happen within the nearest half a year, in fact it's not possible to pay at all, currently.)

        The old pricing page is here:

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        2. @KajMagnus closed this topic 2018-10-22 13:42:46.287Z.