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Bugs: Invites = broken. Cannot have many identities

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-07-11 08:44:32.632Z

1. There's a problem with invites: invided users cannot choose a password, so they cannot really login. I've fixed it an will deploy the fix maybe tomorrow morning. ( & will add end-to-end tests for this)

(What's an invite? It's when you click the Invite button (in the Admin Area, Users tab), type someone's email, and then s/he gets an email and can one-click login.)

2. If connecting different social media identities (like, one's Facebook and also one's Gmail account) to the same user profile, there's an assertion error:

Something went wrong: [DwE500REX]
java.lang.RuntimeException: s136: More that one matching identity, when looking up: (Some(100),None,None) [TyE53IK24]

Seems I've fixed this, will deploy this fix tomorrow too. (Thanks Brian for notifying me about the bug)

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  1. Bugs fixed, new sever version released: v0.6.7-0cc6df7 — if you've installed on-premise, the server should auto-upgrade this night to the new version. And if you use the SaaS hosting service, the fix is live already.

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