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Tutorial — 2D layout

By KajMagnus @user_145
    2012-04-23 06:57:52.993Z

    Do this:

    1. Scroll: click and hold left mouse button on the white background, and drag the mouse leftwards, upwards, with the mouse button held down.

    Please note: The two dimensional layout can be disabled; there's a per website setting. To disable it on this page only, click here, to enable it again, click here.

    1. Scroll down to the Example Discussion below. Note how much text you don't need to read: pointless comments are collapsed — they don't waste your time.

    2. Think about whether interesting comments appears at the top / to the upper left, and boring comments appear far away downwards / to the right. — The intention is that you find the most interesting comments first, when you start reading.
      (Imagine the example discussion below, but moved to a "normal" forum: one single flat column, replies sorted by time — it would be unreadable. All you found wold be "Test", "Testing", "Test test" comments. But with Debiki, you find what you're looking for.)

    3. Test to leave a reply: click Reply. And click Like to like some comments :-)

    Example Discussion

    Topic: Which animal species is the kindest species in the world?

    What's your opinion?

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    There are 267 replies. Estimated reading time: 24 minutes

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              1. Well why not another try?

                1. Somemore trying

                  1. Retrying... Retrying... Retrying... Retrying...

                    1. How deep my trying will go...

                      1. Retrying as deep as i can...

                        1. Keep trying to digg

                          1. Keep trying to digggg

                            1. Digging some more

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                                  (empty post)

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                              1. sdffgccxvbcxvbcxvb

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                          okay i'm blur

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                      Hmnn.. what?

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                      Hi SDFdsfew, I think I've somewhat fixed the problem with too deep indentation of nested comments. Thanks for giving me a good example case to test on :-)

                      If you have time, I wrote a blog post about fixing the problem with too deep indentation.

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                      mi opinion giles!

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                          1. What?

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                            reaaly cool interface!

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                                  well done, dude !

                                  1. Yeah, well done! dasd
                                    Claro que si

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                                      Yeah, well done! dasd
                                      Claro que si

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                                      click to show
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                                          what ? this looks good.

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