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Debiki issues

By Piotr @user_161
    2013-06-19 09:43:01.406Z

    Issues and question related to Debiki (curious if it will work).

    [Edit: Nowadays, year 2015, please instead post a new topic for each issue or question. /KajMagnus]

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      Piotr @user_161
        2013-06-19 09:43:30.786Z

        Why it asks to rate my own comments?

        "Rate your own comment: Click the Rate button."

        1. UKajMagnus @user_145
            2013-06-19 21:11:18.255Z

            The intention is that it be fine to go off topic, if one rates one's comment as of topic. The off topic thread would be collapsed, but the person that one replied to, would still get a notification, so s/he can reply to the off topic message.

            I'm also somewhat hoping that this fix the "Cute/funny" vs. "Insightful" problem — if people tag their comments with the correct rating tags.

            I wonder if a "solution" is to change the message to "Consider rating your comment, especially if it's off topic"

            1. In reply touser_161:
              UKajMagnus @user_145
                2013-07-12 09:37:30.244Z

                Now I've changed that, so the computer no longer suggests that.

                It's still possible to rate one's own comment though, but if one gives positive ratings, they'll be mostly ignored: downweighted to 0.1.

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                In reply touser_161:
                Piotr @user_161
                  2013-06-19 09:48:39.418Z

                  If review is pending, could at least the posting person see it? (After reloading.)

                  And anyway, unless it is hard spam, overregulation is worse than underregulation....

                  1. UKajMagnus @user_145
                      2013-06-19 21:16:57.361Z

                      Edit Old boring comment, and a tiny bit incorrect. Ignore. /Edit.

                      I found a bug that resulted in the "Pending moderation" message not appearing. I've fixed it now (but not upgraded the servers) and if I also increase the number of comments one is allowed to post, before they are put into the moderation queue, I suppose the problem wouldn't be that severe any more.

                      Oddly enough, it'd take some time to show one's non-approved comments after page reload. The reason is that I've made the server cache the generated HTML, for better performance. But this cached HTML doesn't include any non-approved comments.

                      I think that fixing this is somewhat related to making it possible for people to delete/undelete their own comments ... And it'll probably have to wait for a while

                      1. In reply touser_161:
                        UKajMagnus @user_145
                          2013-06-23 21:05:11.361Z

                          I've fixed/changed this now, so:

                          1. The person who posted the comment sees it, after page reload.

                          2. I fixed a bug, so now the text "Text pending approval." is shown.

                          3. The computer now trust people a bit more than before. (Less overregulation.)

                          Thanks for helping me realize which things need to be fixed :-)

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                          In reply touser_161:
                            2013-09-05 22:52:27.821Z

                            This is a bit strange. I like it.

                            1. TTest
                                2016-08-24 04:44:38.680Z