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How does one export the contents of one's board to a file (json or otherwise)

By J Bloedow @jonathanhhb
    2022-09-30 17:54:24.805Z

    Hello. New here. We're evaluating Talkyard but haven't committed to it yet. Looks great. But one key feature before pumping a bunch of content in here is to not have to do it again somewhere else (duplicate effort). We realize it's not in your interest to spend time engineering solutions that let people move off your technology, but that option is key for helping us move on it. I've found some references to a bulk export capability but after several minutes of searching can't find where/how I would actually do that. Please advise. Cheers.

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    1. Hi Jonathan, good question. I wrote some docs here: How to Download and Restore a JSON backup about how to migrate to a self hosted Ty site.

      But you're asking about migrating to some other software. That's not currently implemented, and:

      We realize it's not in your interest to spend time engineering solutions that let people move off your technology

      Hmm I think it is :- )   Problem is lack of time (well, I guess that makes you right, for the moment). I do believe, though, that more people, think in the same way as you do. In fact I'd love for there to be exporters-and-importers to-and-from all main alternatives to Talkyard. — What other software would you be the most interested in migrating to, if need arise?

      What do and don't you like about Ty this far, b.t.w, if I can ask? What's your use case?

      1. JJ Bloedow @jonathanhhb
          2022-10-03 18:15:40.505Z

          Thanks so much for the response and the info. I didn't really have any particular other software in mind when I wrote that. I would hope/expect/prefer to be able to dump to json or csv. I don't even know yet what formats the competition would accept for bulk import since I haven't explored the space yet but anything worth using would presumably support one or both of those.

          Discours is, apparently, our default choice based on what IT is telling me. (I'm Dev not IT.)

          So far I don't dislike anything about Ty -- except this! :D What I liked was that it was trivial to prop up a trial instance successfully.

          Our use case is that we're trying to create some crowd-sourced documentation for our software, specifically error messages and resolutions. I.e., we want to ask our users to share error messages they get and how they fixed it. Note that this is different from tech support forum where you ask for help and expect others to respond and unstuck you. If successful, users will come to the "board" when the software barks at them and they'll find someone else who experienced this and what they did to fix it. A bit like S/O but S/O is much more the tech support forum. We just don't have the staffing to document all our user error messages and their resolutions a priori.

          Cheers. Thanks for the software!