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Misc bugs 2023-10

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2023-10-18 15:46:04.973Z2023-11-26 21:29:08.296Z

Misc quick bugs & improvements: (see chat messages elsewhere)

  • Link previews to categories shows the forum title instead of the category title.
  • Delete an auto-reply post —> Error
  • Webhooks: Incl page category ID & reference ID
  • API: Fetch a page by its Talkyard ID, or reference ID, TyE0450WKTD?
  • /latest can be slow — PostgreSQL index missing? Fix: Hide Online status in users list or disable the feature? at the same time.
  • "Home" doesn't always go to the correct view — sometimes to /latest instead of /categories
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